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I’ve never been in love with fast food restaurants but, after my diagnosis, I’ve  been missing the possibility of eating a good burger bun, with all the sauces and greasy meat. As I said in my article about Tenerife, we don’t have many gluten free choices in Italy, at least not at fast food restaurants.

So here is my burger bun’s recipe.

Ingredients for 5 sandwiches:

~ chopped meat, 500 gr (300 beef, 200 pork)
~ Gluten free soy sauce: 2 tablespoons
~ Gluten free breadcrumbs, 4 tablespoons
~onion, a slice
~ Pepper , as needed
~ Gluten free bun, 5
~ ham, 120 gr
~ lettuce, as needed


Mix the meat, sauce, breadcrumbs, onion and pepper by hand .

Take the meat with your hands and create 5 hamburgers with their usual shape; with those doses they will be quite thick.


You can put them in the fridge for 15 minutes to let them solidify.

Heat up a non stick pan and cook over a medium heat, turning the burgerà from time to time. Press them with a fork, they will be ready when no liquid is coming out and they are toasted on each side.

Now you have to prepare the buns: cut them in two halves and sear them over the pan.

Put the ham on the pan and cook it for just a minute.

Now assemble everything: bun, meat, lettuce, ham and, if you want, you can add sauces or tomatoes.

Here it is:


Do you want to read it in Italian? Click here


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